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Menses is the most dreadful situation for most of the women, but do you know that disturbance in menstruation cycle may give rise to several problems. Irregular menses, no menses, or delayed menses all these situations indicate endocrine disorder also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in medical term. It is a situation which causes imbalance in women’s sex hormones namely progesterone and estrogen.

Homeopathy Treatment for PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS

PCOS symptoms begin as soon as a woman’s menstruation cycle starts. Severity of this syndrome depends from person to person. The most common symptoms of this problem are irregular periods. As PCOS leads to decrease in woman sex hormones, a female may develop male features like:

  • Excess hair growth on face, stomach, chest, toes or thumb.
  • Reduction in breast size.
  • Thin hair
  • Deeper voice

Other signs include:

Causes of PCOS

Causes of PCOS are still unknown, but according to doctors hormonal imbalance and genes can be the reason. Possibility of PCOS increases if a woman’s mother or sister has the same problem. It is believed that overproduction of androgen may be another cause of PCOS. Androgen is a male hormone, but it is also generated in females. Females with PCOS, generate higher level of androgen, thus causing adverse impact on development as well as release of egg at the time of ovulation. Surplus amount of insulin in body may increase androgen level in females.

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PCOS Treatment in Homeopathy

Dr. Anubha has popularity in Hyderabad for her homeopathy treatment for PCOS. Her treatment is safe and doesn’t have any adverse effect on patient. Homeopathy treatment PCOS varies from patient to patient. Medication prescribed to a patient may not suit other for same problem. With her decades of experience in homeopathy, Dr. Anubha studies both mental and physical condition of patients before giving any medicine. PCOS treatment needs time and patience as results can’t be expected quickly. But yes, it is true that PCOS treatment in homeopathy is possible. Homeopathy  treatment for PCOS involves careful observation of symptoms and regular clinical checkup.

Dr. Anubha has treated many women suffering from PCOS and has controlled it through natural therapy which resulted in regular menstruation cycle thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. Many women who have taken homeopathy treatment for PCOS in Hyderabad from Dr. Anubha are now happy, as their infertility issues are solved. Dr. Anubha’s homeopathy PCOS treatment in Hyderabad makes study of complete person as a whole instead of just focusing on the disease. This helps her to give curable treatment of the problem.

PCOD Homeopathic Medicine

Women with PCOS may experience some complications which include bleeding from uterus. If remain untreated PCOS can cause cancer. So, if you have PCOS problem get it cured through Dr. Anubha’s PCOS treatment in homeopathy, Hyderabad.

Complete approach of homeopathy is harmless. So, it’s the time to say goodbye to the side effects of conventional medications, as homeopathy keeps an eye on hormonal imbalances and treats PCOS naturally.

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