About Hypertension

Our heart pumps blood which circulates in complete body for supplying oxygen and energy. When blood circulates, it exerts pressure on blood vessels; the force it applies on the vessels is called as blood pressure. In case of high blood pressure also called as hypertension; force applied by blood is too high which has an adverse effect on our heart.

A person may or may not be aware of hypertension. Untreated high blood pressure may lead to heart attack, other heart problems and stroke. Most of the people suffer from hypertension and if they know about it, it can be controlled easily.

Homeopathy Hypertension Treatment in Hyderabad, Homeopathic Medicine for Blood Pressure

Symptoms of Hypertension

There is no specific symptom of hypertension. People may remain unaware about it even if the reading of blood pressure reaches at alarming level. Very few people have nosebleed, headache or breath shortness. But all these signs are not specially related with hypertension and person will never get these symptoms until the blood pressure has come to life-threatening level.

Causes of Hypertension

In most of the persons there is no specific cause of hypertension, such kind of hypertension is primary which develops slowly after many years. Some people have high hypertension because of below reasons. Such kind of blood pressure is called secondary and is much higher than primary hypertension. Let’s take a look on causes of secondary hypertension:

  • Kidney problem
  • Adrenal gland tumor
  • Kidney problem
  • Thyroid problem
  • Problem in blood vessel since birth.
  • Some homeo medicines like pain killers, birth control pills, cold remedies may cause hypertension
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs.
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For Homeopathy Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the best option to treat hypertension as it helps in widening blood vessels, thus makes easy flow of blood to different parts of body. Hypertension treatment in homeopathy increases elasticity of blood vessels, thus lowers down blood pressures, reduces stress and keeps you calm. As homeopathy follows classical approach, it focuses on complete body part i.e. emotion, mind and body for curing your overall health.

Homeopathy hypertension treatment in Hyderabad by Dr. Anubbha is known for its effective treatment. Dr. Anubbha checks the symptoms of patients and applies her experience for giving medications which can activate the healing response of patients’ body. Dr. Anubbha spends time with patients, understands their symptoms, and prescribes medicines as per that. Careful study of patient, monitoring their health is the primary aspect which is done in the clinic for bringing back body’s balance.


Homeopathy hypertension treatment is natural, as its medicines are harmless without any adverse effect. These remedies are responsible for curing the disease in the simplest possible way. Get homeopathy hypertension treatment in Hyderabad with Dr.Anubbha as she is the best homeopath who can diagnose your body in an efficient manner for avoiding future troubles.

Visit Dr. Anubbha’s Hyderabad clinic today, if you are living your life with hypertension. Hypertension treatment in homeopathy is possible and can take care of your life for making in healthy and fit.

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