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Dr Anubha has achieved her Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Government Homeopathic Medical College, Bhopal, Madhyapradesh. She is well-known for providing effective treatment for diabetes, thyroid, women’s health, arthritis, infertility, sinusitis, hypertension, skin, hair, allergy, asthma, migraine headache, spondylitis and children diseases.

For homeopathic doctor online consultation, you will be asked plenty of questions. These questions are asked to get the whole picture, considering several different factors like the past medical records, character traits, stress generators, likes and hates, way of life and desires. For this purpose, you need to fill up an online questionnaire.

The Homeo Doctor needs to know the uniqueness in you and how you express yourself physically and mentally. Patients suffering from the same ailment may require dissimilar homeopathic medicines to get rid of the disease.

Usually, the first online homeopathy doctor consultation is quite long approximately about 40 minutes to an hour as you are asked a variety of questions by the homeopath who is trying to gather an idea of your distinctive nature and constitution.

Homeopathy medicines are then sent to your address anywhere in the world either by post or by courier. Follow up sessions occur after 4 weeks or maybe less according to the homeopath’s recommendation. In the second session, you are asked about the changes that have taken place. Based on this the next step of treatment is decided.

The online homeopathic doctor consultation is a reliable platform where you get to be treated by one of the best homeopathy practitioners through live chat. Dr Anubha’s Clinic boasts of a team of dedicated doctors qualified in Homeopathy. The doctors’ team constantly tries to provide effective homeopathy treatment to the patients. Dr Anubha with her expertise and her specialist team of doctors are capable of successfully treating a wide array of diseases. 

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