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Homeopathy Cures A larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and a most complete medical science. Homeopathy is one of the safe, gentle and natural cures. It is safe for elderly people, pregnant ladies and children. Avail online homeopathic consultation USA service at your convenient time at own home with the experienced and professional homeopath.

After the first consultation, which will take up to one and a half hours? As different people react in different ways to the same illness, so to find the correct remedy homeopathic doctor U.S.A needs to know not only physical symptoms but also how  symptoms affects you mentally and emotionally.

Please fill the questionnaire with full details, for you they might sound to be irrelevant but for us, they are very important. As about your lifestyle, body reaction to any particular condition, or going back to your family and personal health history. This information only helps us to diagnose the disease and its cause. Homoeopathy believes in the treatment of root cause of disease

Dr Anubha’s homeopathic medicine online is the team professional experienced homeopathic doctor USA who handle all the online homeopathic consultation USA patients.

Homeopathy works more on symptoms felt by the patient mentally than on physically visible symptoms. Due to which remedies get differ from patient to patient. Homeopathic medicine online is a safe platform to be treated by the best doctor.  DR. ANUBHA’s homeopathic doctor USA gives special consultation for chronic cases too. After every 4 weeks follow up session will be kept or as per the consulting doctor recommends. In between if there is any inquiry our team of doctors will be available to answer it. Medicines will be courier to your preferred address as per your instruction

In-depth case study:

Collection of patient’s case-details and case history through a specially designed questionnaire to be filled in online.

Follow these Steps for Online Homeopathic Treatment

Make a Call to Dr.Anubha’s Homeopathy Clinic

:  8801709712

:  9032322762.

Discuss about your problems, which your facing.

Make the payment as applicable ( see below ).

Bank Details:

Bank: State Bank of India

Account no: 30002812906

Branch: New Malleypally Branch

IFSC Code: SBIN0008027

Fee Details:

Country 4 Months 8 Months 12 Months 24 Months
India ₹ 6,500/- ₹ 12,000/- ₹ 18,000/- ₹ 34,000/-
US / Canada $125 $203 $253 $545

If the payment is deposited successfully, then you will get a call from Dr.Anubha’s clinic for payment confirmation.

Fill in the detailed Pre-treatment analysis form specially designed to customize our treatment protocol for you.

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Receive your customized medicine as per the Dr.Anubha’s Treatment Protocol, by special post delivery anywhere in the world.