Dr Anubha provides effective homeopathy treatments for various diseases. Being a highly acclaimed, well-qualified, registered classical homeopath, she provides homeopathy treatment for 

 Dr Anubha is simply unparalleled and provides treatment in her unique manner. She is recognized for transforming a state of no hope into a successful condition by her expertise, suitable preparation and by effectively carrying out her plans.

The central principle of  Homeopathy treatment is “ like cures like “. This means that if a substance produces specific symptoms, it can likewise aid to eliminate those symptoms. In another way, it can be said that tiny concentrations of a specific toxin could heal the very identical symptoms it would create in larger doses. In Homeo treatment, different forms of homoeopathic medicines ranging from sugar globules, tablets to ointments and liquid medicine in the form of droplets are recommended by Dr Anubha and her team of dedicated homeopaths after gaining complete knowledge concerning the health and symptoms of the patient.

 The homeopathy practitioners at Dr Anubha’s clinic usually asks numerous questions, for example, they ask for earlier medical reports, character traits, anxiety generators, likes and dislikes, way of life, desires, emotions etc. to get an idea regarding the physical and mental health of the patient. Homeo treatment is unique in itself because patients experiencing the same ailment may need different homeopathic medicines to get rid of the disease and two patients with separate diseases may be prescribed the same medicine.

Homeo treatment deals with the complete process of the ailment and not just some symptoms as all the symptoms are taken into account and the main cause of the disease is attacked. Whereas allopathy treatment tries to ease the symptoms of the illness by affecting the body’s natural defence mechanism. Our homeopathy treatments are based on traditional homeopathic knowledge, modern scientific research and highly equipped and advanced modern technology.

Online homeopathic treatment is also available at Dr Anubha’s homeopathy clinic. If you are unable to visit the consultant’s clinic you can consult her online. Patients not only from Hyderabad and other parts of India but also from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Pakistan, UAE, Germany, Canada enjoy the benefit of this online treatment. Our mission is to spread this side-effect free treatment to numerous patients worldwide.  During the online consultation, you can converse with the homeopath which is virtually speaking to the doctor in person. Online consultation procedure for homeopathy treatment is obtainable at our website www.dranubha.com. For this, you are required to fill an online questionnaire. In the first consultation, many questions are asked through live chat, then medicines are delivered at your doorstep. In the follow-up session, you are asked about the changes that have occurred.

Through modern technology, you can take the advantage of online homeopathic treatment absolutely conveniently from the comfort of your home. Whenever needed avail this gentle, safe, non-toxic treatment at our clinic where you will be given powerful mini doses to become disease-free.