About Spondylitis

Spondylitis or we can call it as neck arthritis normally happens with age and affects discs and joints of our neck. This problem arises due to damage in bone and cartilage which is present in cervical spine, found in our neck. Spondylitis usually happens because of age but there are several other aspects which can cause this problem.

For many people this problem brings stiffness and severe pain, while other can perform their daily activities without any trouble.

Around 85% of people, who are above 60, have this problem, but some people may not experience its symptoms.

Spondylitis Treatment in Homeopathy

Symptoms of Spondylitis

Many people with spondylitis problem may not get any symptoms, and if any symptom occurs it may vary from mild to harsh and can come suddenly or gradually. One of the common sign of this problem is pain in shoulder blade. Patients experience pain in arms and fingers. This pain may increase while:

  • Standing
  • Sneezing
  • Sitting
  • Coughing
  • Bending neck in backward direction.

One more problem which a patient may get is muscle weakness, this will make it hard to grasp any object or lift arms.

Other common symptoms include:

  • Stiffness in neck
  • Headache which normally occurs at the back side of head
  • Numbness in shoulders or arms.

Causes of Spondylitis

Cartilage found in our neck is prone to damage which leads to spondylitis. Cause of spondylitis includes:

  • Bone spur: Overgrowth of bones happens in our body, as these extra bones try to give strength to spine. However, these additional bones exert pressure on spine, resulting in pain
  • Dehydrated spinal disks: Spinal bone of our body contains discs, which are like cushion for absorbing jerks due to daily activities like twisting, lifting etc. Gel present in these discs may become dry, thus causes rubbing of bones, which is painful.
  • Injury:If you had any injury in the past, like any accidents, it may cause spinal problems in future.
  • Overuse: Some jobs involve heavy lifting of weight which causes early damage of spine.
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For Homeopathy Spondylitis Treatment

Homeopathy Spondylitis Treatment

Spondylitis Treatment in homeopathy plays a promising role in healing spinal problem. It is the only treatment which focuses on person along with its pathological condition. The long-term treatment of homeopathy is very effective and it is believed by most of the patients. A doctor gives spondylitis treatment in homeopathy  after examining patients’ medical history, physical and mental condition. Thus, take care of his complete body instead of just one problem.

Dr. Anubbha’s spondylitis treatment in homeopathy has given better life to many patients in Hyderabad, as they are able to live with proper posture with the help of her homeopathy. Homeopathy gives natural and symptom based medicines. Dr. Anubbha’s homeopathy spondylitis treatment in Hyderabad follows the same. Based on individual’s signs and physical checkup, she provides medicines for complete body treatment of patient.

Spondylitis Treatment in Homeopathy

It’s the time to stop bearing pain and visit Dr. Anubbha’s homeopathy spondylitis treatment in Hyderabad for getting nothing but remedies for taking care of your life.

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