Homeopathy is the Best Answer to Asthma

asthma treatment in homeopathy

What exactly is asthma?

Asthma is a very common disease affecting at least 5% of the population. In asthma, the bronchial tubes narrow down thus making it difficult while breathing. During an asthma attack, a person feels chest tightness, cough and shortness of breath. The symptom mostly shows up only when a lot of work has been done by the body such as running, climbing stairs or jumping. Dust may also provoke asthma attack in case a person is allergic to dust.

The entire knowledge of what exactly asthma is and how is it triggered needs to be known for proper diagnosis and medication. Family history of asthma patients or eczema may also result in development of asthma in the children and the coming generations.

The generic approach in curing asthma

The conventional treatment of asthma is the medication available on prescription, like the bronchodilator inhalers such as Salbutamol and Bricanyl. They are designed in a way to help the airways muscle pass the air without much problem. Basically, the bronchial tubes are thin tunnels used for the passage of air. Due to asthma, the tunnels are narrowed down leading to insufficient passage of air. The bronchodilators allow a greater flow of air by widening the tunnels.

Certain steroids are also used such as Becotide and Pulmicort that removes any formation of debris in the tunnel and helps in proper passage of air.

Homeopathy treatment for asthma

A specific homeopathy treatment for asthma is generally not given to any patient suffering. A proper analysis on lot many perspectives are done initially. The best match of remedy, known as Similimum is done. Symptoms are carefully noted down, psychological stability is also observed and the severity and mental strength of the patient is also read. After reading through all the details collected, a closer similimum is recognized and medications are prescribed depending on the symptoms shown.

Homeopathy treatment of asthma is not always prescribed keeping the asthma disease in mind. In fact, it is also given on the allergic asthma like dust allergy. Asthma is a condition that requires qualified professionals to work on. Self treatment of asthma is definitely not acceptable. However, there are certain remedies of asthma that can be tried at home. But to completely stop the medication at one go is never advisable.

Asthma is not a pure disease, but the homeopathy treatment of asthma can help reducing its symptoms and continuous attacks. The inhalers would be required every time, but for a long run, homeopathy can heal the narrowed tubes thus making the air flow simpler.

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