Top 5 Myths and Facts about Homeopathy

Homeopathy Myths & Facts

What is homeopathy?

In the 21stcentury, modern medicine has taken new heights with all the advanced technologies, which help advance research in the field of medicine. But medicine has its origin from the ancient times where plants and other natural resources were used to cure diseases. One such branch of medicine is homeopathy. Homeopathy as a medicinal field started to develop in the early 18thcentury. The man behind the origin of homeopathy was Samuel Hahnemann, a much-renounced doctor from Germany. He laid the foundation of homeopathy treatment on the principle of “like cures like”.

Homeopathy treatment can be defined as a system of complementary medicine in which the ailment is treated using very minute doses of natural substances that when dosed in large amount produce symptoms of the ailment indeed.

Homeopathy is a natural way of treatment which has been used all around the world for over 200 years now. Homeopathy treats each individual patient uniquely depending on the conditions involved.  A particular set of natural medicines is selected for an individual based on his/her symptoms and personal health.

Homeopathy treatment involves the use of natural substances such as plants, animals, minerals, synthetic substances in preparation of its medicines hence least side effects are involved. Hence homeopathy hospitals are growing in number day by day.The word   Homeopathy is a combination of two Greek words, namely ‘homoios’ which means like and the word ‘pathia’ which means denoting a disorder. This apparently means treatment of a disease by small doses of substance which is causing the disease.

Here are some myths and facts about homeopathy and homeopathy treatment.

  • Myth: Treatment with homeopathy is a slow process.

Fact:  It is not completely true that homeopathy is a slow process. Acute conditions such as infections, cough, fever, diarrhea and so on are very quickly cured using homeopathy. While in the case of chronic and old age diseases like psoriasis, treatment takes a comparatively long time whether it is homeopathy or other modern medicine. Due to these reasons, homeopathy is coined as a slow process. One must know that homeopathy is involved in the treatment of diseases such as a migraine, asthma, allergy, arthritis and so on.

  • Myth: homeopathy would first worsen the existing symptoms at the start of the course and then gradually bring improvements in the individuals. So one chooses not to have homeopathy treatment as they do not wish to see their conditions get even worst.

Fact: It is completely not true that homeopathy catalyzes the initial aggravations or the symptoms from the initial conditions. Many doctors and experts suggest the majority of them never encountered a scenario in which the initial symptoms were aggravated.The aggravations witness with start of medication is due to the progress in the disease itself rather than due to homeopathy therapy.Doctors have confirmed that the homeopathic remedies are mostly harmless and the myths involved with it are not true.

  • Myth: Homeopathy is nothing but herbal medicine.

Fact: The sources of homeopathic medicine involve natural substances such as plants, minerals, animal products, synthetic substances, chemicals and so on. But the complete synthesis of these homeopathic diseases involves deep methods of medicine preparation based on very sophisticated scientific processes and deep philosophy with precise proportions. So it is pretty much clear that homeopathy is much more than just herbal medicine.

  • Myth: Homeopathy treatment involves medicine which contains heavy metals and steroids.

Fact: Homeopathy involves mostly natural substances in its medicine production hence it eliminates the chances of containing any kind of steroids or heavy metals in it. Though manufacturing undergoes processes of triturating and potentiating, there are not even trace portions of heavy metals or steroids present. The final products are strictly checked and proper quality control is made before it is put out on the market for resale

  • Myth: Use of homeopathy medicines with other medicines is not conventional and can have side effects.

Fact: Large number of people who approach homeopathy treatment will already be taking some other medication for some other diseases. Use of homeopathy medicines along with other conventional medicines does not make any side effect. Inspite ofthis there can be cases in which the contents can interact, which could also happen in case of conventional medicines as well. In such cases the patients are guided well so as how to intake those medicines and the time duration that should be given between their intake.

Hence, if you are thinking of adapting homeopathy, give it a shot!

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